Terrell Owens Gets Called The N-Word In Bizarre Incident At Starbucks (Video)

We don't know how Terrell Owens likes his coffee, but we're sure he doesn't order it with a side of crazed heckler.

That's exactly what the former NFL All-Pro receiver got when he took a trip to a Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif. -- a trip that resulted in him on the receiving end of racial taunts, and at the center of a police report.

TMZ obtained two videos of Owens arguing with another visitor at the Starbucks; the footage appears to tell much of the story surrounding the incident.

The first clip provides a bit of context as to what the argument stemmed from.

In a video interview with TMZ, Owens said he and a friend were verbally abused by a 28-year-old guy named Arman.

Arman, for his part, alleged Owens tried to trip him in the store. Not kidding.

Here's the first video.

After that point, the discussion seemed to extend beyond the confines of the store, where Owens said as he was driving away with his friend, Arman threw a cup of water into their car. Owens then admits throwing an empty cup at Arman, a fact which is apparently a factor in the police report. Again, not kidding.

When Owens got out of his car to confront Arman, the customer began to use racial slurs, including the N-word and "spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*cker."

According to TMZ, Arman called the cops and paramedics after the confrontation while Owens intimated to the celebrity news site he felt like he was getting baited by the man.

Owens, to his credit, didn't escalate the situation, and his ability to keep his composure came at a good time.

The former NFL standout, who earned six Pro Bowl appearances during his career, just became eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Had Owens opted for a different reaction, more people would be talking about a Starbucks fight than whether or not he will get in the Hall on the first ballot.

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