This Teen's Faceplant At A Track Meet Defines Middle School Embarrassment

If you attended middle school, what happened to Makenna Kroge at a track meet last year is the type of thing you can sympathize, if not empathize, with.

I can't even describe it; check it out below.

Yep. And you thought you had an embarrassing moment or two when you were that age?  Kroge's friend, Lexi Cornelius, tweeted the video on Saturday, with her friend's permission, of course.

New York mag then reached out to Kroge, who described the infamous moment in further detail.

She said,

I don't really know, I was super nervous. A bunch of girls that didn't like me were there so I was going to impress them... After I fell, at the end, when I am looking back... you can hear my dad and he's screaming at me to run.

The true star of the video, however, is Makenna's mom who, at the end of the video, yells,

Are you OK, hunny?

If you were wondering, Kroge came in last. But, at least, she finished and apparently isn't too embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

I applaud you, Makenna. I still cringe when I think of my middle school years.

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