Here's How To Get Your Butt In Shape Like An Olympic Gold Medalist Skater

It's been quite a while since Tara Lipinski won a gold medal -- almost 20 years -- but the former Olympian is no less obsessed with her diet and fitness routine now than she was back when she was a competitive skater.

According to a recent interview with Elle, it appears Lipinski is all about promoting Gold Barre, a workout program constructed to give you that gold-medal body without actually lacing up a pair of skates.

Speaking on Gold Barre, the 33-year-old told Elle,

I skated my whole life and had a training program laid out for me on a daily basis that kept me in shape. When that ended, I was always just looking for a workout that could keep the line in my body as strong as it did on the ice. You're working the exact same muscles a skater does. You'll definitely get a skater's booty from this.

According to Elle, Lapinski works out roughly five days a week, doing barre and yoga and going for runs with her dog, Dublin.

In addition to her fitness routine, Lipinski is all about eating healthy and clean, which she says is quite an easy thing to do living in Santa Monica.

To start her day, Lipinski is into eggs, but she'll occasionally go with bran cereal.

After that, one of Lipinski's apparent go-to spots is Lemonade, a place that has a veggie bar with "10 different things, like broccoli, snow peas, chicken and beans."

Another favorite of Lipinski's is Tender Greens. But whether she eats out or cooks at home, she's all about that salad game. Lipinski sticks to grilled chicken, grilled salmon, spinach and romaine.

She's also a big fan of sushi.

In terms of snacks, Lipinski favors smoothies, bananas and granola.

But, don't worry, she definitely isn't above cheat days.

We're all human, right?

So, who's ready to give the Lipinski lifestyle a try?

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