Stephen Curry's Mom Makes Him Pay A $100 Fine For Every Turnover


If you think giving up the ball to the opposition is enough of a price for Stephen Curry to pay when he turns the ball over, you haven't met his mother.

Sonya Curry, wife of Stephen's father, former NBA player Dell Curry, reportedly fines her son for coughing the ball up excessively.

This is all according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Ann Killion, who says coming up with an adequate punishment was a joint effort between Curry's parents.

Killion wrote:

Curry's unintentional generosity in giving away the ball to opponents, in turn, results in generosity toward his mother, too, and the fines eventually help pay for a Sonya shopping spree.

Killion continued,

It's just one more reason for Steph to keep his eye on the ball and away from the defender, which his mother says he is totally up for.

She said,

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