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Steph Curry And The Warriors Owe Their 15-0 Start To New Technology (Video)

With a win last night against the Denver Nuggets, the Warriors improved to 15-0 and tied the record for greatest start in NBA history.

Many attributed Golden State's success to lights-out shooting from the reigning NBA MVP, Steph Curry, and his backcourt mate, Klay Thompson.

But what if the secret to the Warriors' success is closer to Silicon Valley than it is the NBA hardwood?

Wearable tech is not allowed during NBA games, but Golden State deploys devices like wireless GPS and strobe glasses in practice in order to monitor and train players at the highest possible level.

As you can see in the video above, Steph Curry utilizes strobe glasses in order to improve his court vision and reaction time.

But he's far from the only Warrior to ride the tech wave.

Klay Thompson uses ShotTracker to gather shooting statistics through sensors on both the net and his wrists.

And the team partnered with multiple companies to use technology designed to monitor fatigue and injuries in an effort to keep everyone as healthy and rested as possible.

Judging from last year's success and the flying start they're off to this season, it looks like the Warriors are most definitely ahead of the curve.

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