These Two Spurs Fans Are Literally All Of Us On A First Date Nightmare (Video)

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

I once wrote an article championing the idea of a sporting event as the perfect venue for a first date. And I stand by that claim, unless of course, you end up on the "Kiss Cam."

This dude must've thought things were going swimmingly when he took his date to last night's Spurs game, until the couple looked up and saw themselves on the Jumbotron "Kiss Cam."

It appears this guy was down for a smooch from the start, but his female friend clearly didn't feel the same way.

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, though, the good folks at the AT&T Center just wouldn't let it go.

After a few brief cutaways to other fans, the camera kept returning back to this unlucky couple.

And the folks in charge kept placing funny captions under the pair -- like asking if this was their first date -- and even inserted an image of mistletoe above them.

Eventually, the mistletoe did the trick, and these two finally gave into the pressure of the "Kiss Cam."