6-Year-Old With Leukemia Dresses As Superhero And Saves Hockey Player

When a crisis hits, it takes a truly strong person to save the day, and 6-year-old "Spider-Mable" was just the young lady for the job.

Little Mable Tooke, who proves her strength by battling leukemia, saved the day in Edmonton, Canada on Monday when she came to the rescue of Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference.

It all started when she was called into action by the Edmonton police department.

#SpiderMable we hope you've seen this! #yeg needs you to save @EdmontonOilers Captain @Ferknuckle https://t.co/ZUfGCGUHWq @ChildrensWishAB — Edmonton Police (@edmontonpolice) September 28, 2015

She then met with Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, who briefed her on the importance of her mission to save Ference.

#SpiderMable receives proclamation from Edmonton mayor to track down villain http://t.co/1FwnIZEAKe — Global Edmonton (@GlobalEdmonton) September 28, 2015

She shared details of the case with the media soon thereafter. Following that, it was time to get to business.

#SpiderMable giving an update on the case to #yegmedia. She's on Mysterio's trail and will catch him soon! pic.twitter.com/yxs8kTgthc — Children'sWishAB/NWT (@ChildrensWishAB) September 28, 2015

It wasn't long until she finally found Ference, much to the delight of his wife, Krista.

Saved!! Thank you Spidermable! pic.twitter.com/k6zaE4f57d — Krista Ference (@krista_ference) September 28, 2015

Mable's day as a superhero was made possible by the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, who got the cooperation of the Edmonton police, mayor's office, local media and the Oilers to help make Mable's dream come true.

Check the video above for a full recap of Spider-Mable's incredible rescue mission.

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