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NCAA Invited South Carolina To NCAA Tourney By Mistake

You probably expect this week's March Madness conversations to be focused solely on UNC, Syracuse, Oklahoma and Villanova, but thanks to an alleged massive mixup, the University of South Carolina just became a focal point.

According to reports, earlier this month, the South Carolina Gamecocks received a call inviting them to the NCAA tournament, but just a little while later, they were informed the NCAA made a mistake.

That's like, "Hey, you won the lottery!" "Oh, wait, you're not Frank."

Apparently, USC's athletic director, Ray Tanner, claims the Gamecocks were advised at 6:30 pm on March 13 they were selected to participate in the 2016 NCAA tournament.

Just 10 minutes later, though, according to reports, South Carolina received a second phone call from the NCAA informing them there had been a mistake.


Apparently, the NCAA meant to dial Vanderbilt and got connected with South Carolina.

And it looks like the NCAA is going with a "we got hacked-esque" excuse.

You can't make this sh*t up.

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