We Need To Stop Targeting People At NFL Games Because Of Their Race

Just a couple weeks ago, a football fan named Deepinder Mayell was harassed at a Minnesota Vikings game by a fellow American who just had to know if he was a refugee.

Mayell was embarrassed and scared, as was I when I read his story.

Now, though, after hearing about a group of Sikh Denver Broncos fans who were accosted by Qualcomm Stadium security that same weekend, I'm just outraged.

Verinder Malhi and his friends were pumped to be in San Diego to watch their Broncos take on the Chargers, but an atmosphere of excitement soon turned to one of disbelief and fear after they were told by security they weren't allowed to enter the stadium because they were wearing turbans.

After apparently refusing to remove their turbans, Malhi and his friends were eventually allowed to enter the game, but they were reportedly told they'd never be allowed inside again while wearing their religious head coverings.

Unfortunately, that was just one example of the harassment the group suffered. In addition to dealing with security, another fan reportedly called police to report a group of suspicious men going through the trunk of a car.

You know, because brown dudes can't grab beers from the trunks of their cars at a tailgate like white fans. It's just too sketchy, right?

Then, a bomb-sniffing dog was allegedly set on Malhi and his friends' car but didn't find anything.

Malhi told ABC San Diego,

It's bad, I mean, this is embarrassing for me, because we are Americans at the end of the day. And we are not supposed to be afraid of fellow Americans.

The Sikh faith is completely separate from Islam, but that's neither here nor there.

This is sickening. This is what fear-mongering and misinformation have led to in this country.

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