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Shane McMahon Just Proved He's A Legend With This Insane Wrestlemania Stunt

Shane McMahon is 46 years old.

Shane hadn't been involved in the WWE in over half a decade. Shane is also worth millions and, quite frankly, doesn't need to do any of this crap.

And yet, he was at Wrestlemania, competing against the Undertaker in one of the most brutal matches possible: Hell In A Cell.

That he would even do this match is insane. That he risked everything to win it, with this elbow drop from the top of the cell, is just unreal.

Former superstar and ringside commentator John Bradshaw Layfield called it "the craziest thing he's ever seen". And viewers going crazy on Twitter.

Shane went on to lose (how could he not after suffering that?) but he proved just how much respect he deserves with putting his body on the line for the WWE.