Wimbledon Ball Boy Gets Caught Checking Out Serena Williams' Butt

If I've told young males once, I've told them a thousand times: If you stare at a woman for too long, you'll definitely get caught and mercilessly be made fun of.

Saturday, following Serena Williams' Wimbledon championship win, a young ball boy was caught on camera repeatedly checking out Serena's butt.

Now, we all know Serena is pretty gorgeous, so you can understand why this young fella did what he did, but you have to be slicker if you're going to peep a few stares at the winningest player in tennis' Open Era.

With her victory over Germany's Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final, Serena Williams captured her 22nd Grand Slam title, and while the conversation this week should be solely about her greatness, we cannot overlook this eager ball boy.

Just take a look at the video above, in which you can clearly see this kid trying to play it cool, but failing to realize this event was televised on ESPN and there were cameras everywhere. Sure, you kept your body still and head straight, son, but we see those eyes.

How many times are you going to look over? You might've gotten away with it if you only took one peak.

At least it wasn't as obvious as this ball boy, though, right?

This kid is young; he'll learn.

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