San Fransisco Skateboarder Somehow Survives After Gliding Down Hill On Butt

by Hope Schreiber

Once, when I was trying to be cool in high school, I took my boyfriend's skateboard and attempted to skate down a hill by the local Burger King.

I hit a pinecone and flew off the board in front of all his ~cool~ friends, and successfully gave my entire leg road rash.

So I am very impressed that this San Fransisco skateboarder, Sean Greene, continues to bomb down the city's iconically steep hills.

20th Century Fox

Look familiar? That's because this is a still shot from "Mrs. Doubtfire" and has nothing to do with this story besides the fact the movie is set in San Fran.

Sean Greene is no novice to bombing the hills of the California city. While I'm not familiar with San Francisco law, I know that this is illegal in Los Angeles, and safety wise, it would be smart if it was also illegal here.

Because, as you can see, accident do happen.

Thrasher magazine created a compilation of some of his best moments, and honestly I have a few questions.

First, why would you do this?

Second, how are you still alive?

Third, where do you find so many friends to make sure cars don't hit you?

But I think the biggest question I have for Mr. Greene is how in the God damn world does he still have a butt after this accident?

I am concerned for your safety and your butt's safety.

Honestly, it's enough for me to grab my own ass and whisper,

I would never, ever treat you this way.

Seriously, I hope Sean Greene stays safe out there. I suggest moving to a city where hills don't exist to ensure a long, healthy life.

There are safer ways to get that adrenaline rush. Ride a rollercoaster or tell a girl she's cute or something, jeez.

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