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Russell Wilson Pens Heartfelt Letter To Peyton Manning After SB50 Win


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wants Peyton Manning to know how thankful he is for everything.

Wilson recently penned an emotional, heartfelt letter to Manning, which will only further fuel the speculation last night was Peyton Manning's final NFL game.

Wilson's letter, entitled "If This Is It," is simple, yet it manages to perfectly encapsulate the mark Peyton Manning will leave on the game of football.

Wilson starts his letter by crediting everything Peyton did on the football field.

He writes,

Wilson then goes on to talk about the moment Peyton Manning inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback.

Wilson writes,

It's difficult to try and put into words what Peyton Manning means to the game of football, which is why right now, simply saying "thanks" seems like the most appropriate message.

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