Russell Westbrook Gave A Single Mom The Car He Won As All-Star MVP


Russell Westbrook is set to make just shy of $17 million this year, but it's still refreshingly awesome to see the Oklahoma City Thunder guard giving back to the community.

In February, Westbrook was crowned the 2015 All-Star Game MVP, and in addition to a trophy, he walked away with a brand new Kia.

In an inspiring act of charity, he gave it to single mother Kerstin Gonzalez.

Westbrook surprised the mother of two on Monday, and it was an emotional moment for both.

Gonzalez reportedly had a banged up car, which she was using to transport her two sons, ages 4 and 6, and had to rely on borrowing cars from her friends and family to accomplish daily tasks.

Russell Westbrook, you are indeed the real MVP.

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