Runner Loses Race After Pole Vault Band Accidentally Wraps Around His Ankles

by Hope Schreiber

You would assume the funniest part about this video is how a pole vault band somehow flew off of the nearby standards holding it up and found itself wrapped around a runner's legs.

And it is funny, because he was in the lead, and he started tripping like someone caught in an old school "Scooby Doo" trap.

But the Irish announcer equating the band to a web shot from Spider-Man is the real star here.

At the Irish University Indoor Championship on Friday, Aengus Meldon was well on his way toward victory IF IT WASN'T FOR THAT MEDDLING POLE VAULT BAND.

The band wrapped itself around Aengus' strong, toned, collegiate legs and slowed him down (though he was probably tired from running through my dreams all night, too), which allowed the other racers to speed on past him in the men's 800-meter race, according to The Telegraph.

When the band hit him, the announcer said in amazement, and between laughter,

I have never seen that in athletics! He was tied up like Spider-Man threw something at him! Spider-Man attacked him!

Why would Spider-Man attack an innocent student athlete?

Wait, if my memories serve me correctly, isn't Peter Parker's bully a talented young athlete who goes by the name "Flash?!"

It's too bad Aengus didn't have spidey senses to predict this incoming danger from off the track.

Despite the trip up, Aengus, who is a student at National University of Ireland Galway, was allowed to advance to the finals because he was in the lead and expected to win before Spider-Man showed up.

I hope the student doesn't feel too bad. His run with a pole vault band around his ankles is just like all of us when we have to get more toilet paper mid-poop.

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