Ronda Rousey's New 'Revolution' Hype Video Will Give You The Chills

On November 14, Ronda Rousey will put her UFC world bantamweight championship title on the line against Holly Holm at UFC 193.

The 33-year-old is being hyped as one of Rousey's toughest opponents to date, but so has almost every challenger who has come before her.

Rousey will be looking to defend her title for the seventh consecutive time while the also undefeated Holm hopes to make history in Melbourne, Australia.

And while we still have to wait a little over two months to watch this fight, the hype video is here now.

The above clip chronicles the rises of Holm and Rousey -- from curious children to UFC superstars.

And despite the fact that not a single word is uttered in the entire video, the clip speaks volumes.

Grab a sweater, because you're about to get a major case of the chills.