A-Rod Might Not Be Playing Baseball Next Year, But He's Rounded The Bases With Some Pretty Bad Women

by Ben Caldwell

It seems as though Alex Rodriguez, the former number one pick overall of the 1993 MLB draft, never fails to disappoint, whether it is his on-field play (with a little juice) or off-field antics.

The talented Miami native has been the headline of numerous stories, from winning his first MVP award in 2003 as a Texas Ranger, to his juicing.

But neither of those things are who A-Rod is, he’s a pure scumbag — he’s cheated, he’s been notorious on the dating scene and there have been marital affairs. According to his ex wife, Cynthia, he’s been quite the cheating man.

Here are the 10 women that A-Rod has notably porked:

Cynthia Scurtis

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Scurtis was a psychology grad who A-Rod met at a gym in Miami. The couple later married. However, their marriage lasted for only six years, from 2002 to 2008. But toward the end of their marriage, the fun just began for Alex.

Joslyn Noel Morse

The Hollywood Gossip

Rodriguez met Morse, an exotic dancer, during a Toronto road trip. The two dined at a steakhouse, and then oddly enough, went to a strip club. The last time the two were seen together was when they boarded a Toronto hotel elevator. Morse refuses to say whether they had sex or not, but you know damn well they did.


Oh yes, Madonna. In 2008, the two were rumored to be fooling around; A-Rod, of course, having yet another affair. The two are separated by 17 years, making Madonna a complete cougar. A-Rod likes 'em all ages!

Candice Houlihan

Splash News

Houlihan dates back to 2004, when A-Rod met her during a Boston road trip. A hairdresser and former stripper, Houlihan proved to be one easy catch for Rodriguez. Not only does A-Rod like 'em old, he likes the strippers too.

Bethenny Frankel

During April 2009, Rodriguez was seen with Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel. The two hooked up on occasion during the month. A-Rod probably needed a little sex, and nothing more.

Kate Hudson

Hudson and Rodriguez were only seen out on a few dates during 2008. Their short relationship ended after Hudson claimed Rodriguez still hadn’t gotten over Madonna leading to Hudson to be mad with jealousy.

Elaine Spottswood


Early 2010 presented A-Rod with another prospect, Elaine Spottswood. The two are separated by 10 years, but she is quite an attractive one.

Spottswood is a prominent member of a Florida family, so maybe A-Rod was gold-digging some after his divorce settlement and the cost of juicing. A little money is no harm!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz: model and actress — definitely a solid catch for Rodriguez. The two began dating in July 2010 and continued through September 2011. Their brief stint as a couple proved to be non-committal on A-Rod’s part, considering he has three-ways with hookers.

Torrie Wilson

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

It took him some time, but A-Rod finally found a feisty one, WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. The two began dating in September of 2011 and are said to be still dating. However, he’s definitely been banging other women during the three-plus year romance.

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