Flying From Cancer: Terminally Ill Man Spends Time Wingsuit Flying (Video)

When MIT graduate Daniel Rodriguez was diagnosed with colorectal cancer about three years ago, he was faced with an unspeakably difficult decision.

He said,

I really didn't want to deal with a lot of side effects that conventional treatment had.

Having opted out of surgery and a subsequent treatment regimen that would have been taxing on his body, Rodriguez was told by his doctors he had only one option left: to die.

And that's when he started living like never before.

In a eye-opening feature, Rodriguez allowed Grantland's cameras to have an exclusive look into his life as a wingsuit flyer.

He told Grantland,

Living life and not trying to do anything beyond yourself, to me, that's not living. Physically, I take a lot more risks than other people by doing a particular sport because I feel like I always have to live actively in the moment and try to make myself a better person.

Not only did the dangerous and risky sport help him forget about his illness, it made him feel more alive than ever before on his road to what seems to be a miraculous escape from certain death.

Simply put, Rodriguez's story is as incredible as it sounds and definitely worth a watch.

Check out Grantland's "Flying From Cancer" in the video above.