12 Times Riley Curry Stole Steph Curry's Thunder, In Honor Of Her 4th Birthday

Although he fell just short of capturing back-to-back NBA titles, Steph Curry is the reigning NBA MVP.

And considering some of his new teammates, it'll be a shock to everyone if the Golden State Warriors don't find themselves in a third consecutive NBA Finals come next June.

Steph's wife, Ayesha Curry, is an All-Star in her own right. Ayesha's cooking game, not to mention her social media presence, is as strong as Steph's three-point shooting, and, much like her husband, she's only getting better with each new season.

However, the real MVP of the Curry household isn't Steph or Ayesha, it's their adorable daughter Riley.

From press conferences to postgame celebrations, Riley Curry has stolen the show on numerous occasions. You wouldn't think an NBA MVP could be overshadowed by his own daughter, but Riley Curry is just that awesome.

Today, July 19, Riley Curry turns 4, and in celebration of her birthday, here are all the times she stole Steph Curry's thunder with little-to-no effort.

1. When Riley Curry told us she was "blessed" at last year's Western Conference Finals.

2. When she made one hell of an entrance before telling us she was "way up."

3. When she stunted on the Jumbotron after the Warriors crushed the Houston Rockets in the 2015 NBA playoffs.

4. When Riley flashed that signature smile and melted even the biggest Twitter troll's heart.

5. When she did the cutest victory dance after the Warriors beat the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals.

6. When Riley celebrated her third birthday by doing the Nae Nae.

7. When she whipped it again, but was backed up by Jeremy Lin and her dad.

jlin7 on YouTube

8. When Riley became Freshly Picked's youngest creative director.

9. When she told an entire room full of people she had her eyes on them without saying a word.

10. When Riley did Steph Curry's celebration dance better than he ever could.

11. When she hid under a table but still managed to steal the show.

12. When Riley had the best reaction ever to getting a celebratory kiss from Steph.

Happy birthday, Riley Curry. Keep killing it.