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People Think Rihanna Helped The Lakers Win, And Stats Say They're Right

If there's anything that proves the impact of Princess Rihanna's presence at NBA games, it's the Lakers ridiculous win over the Warriors.

Before ABC's cameras showed RiRi was at Sunday's game in LA, Golden State getting dismantled made absolutely no sense.

But then, the broadcast turned attention to her highness...

Rihanna is watching basketball game at Los Angeles' Staples Center. — (@RihannaDaily) March 6, 2016

...and it made all the sense in the world.

There's something to that, too.

Rihanna's presence at the Staples Center brought a recent little study to mind.

Weeks before Sunday's game, Complex put together a comprehensive, graphic-heavy breakdown of the "Rihanna Effect" on basketball games. It's super easy to read and hard to deny, but one stat in particular stuck out.

NBA teams' win percentages jump from 60.6 percent to 66.7 percent when Rihanna attends. Basically, when Rihanna is in the house, your team wins two-thirds of its home games.

Said effect is real -- real enough for us to not ignore what was literally the biggest upset in NBA regular season history.

Of course, we say all this tongue-in-cheek. But then again, we all know when the hot girl comes around, everybody ups his or her game.

That being said, meet Elite Daily at Basketball City on the Lower East Side, RiRi.

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