Rihanna Just Destroyed An NBA Player For Suggesting They Were Dating

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes should be more careful about what he says when the cameras are rolling.

This past Saturday at a softball game at UCLA, TMZ corned Barnes and asked about whether or not he is dating Rihanna.

Barnes said he and Rihanna are just "friends" at the moment, but it's a possibility the two could end up as a couple.

He also said he was past the "crush stage."

Rihanna, though, quickly shut down that possibility with one post on Instagram.

Her caption read,

#bishwhere, #thedevilisaliar, #shesnotthatintoyou, #shesnotintoyouatall, #shesneverevenmetyou, #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelins, #defamationofcharacter.

Sorry, Matt, but you just got your shot swatted.

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