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Richard Sherman Wears Harry Potter To Press Conference


This is NFL player Richard Sherman.

And this is NFL player Richard Sherman after he's had a Snickers.

Just kidding. The latter is actually Sherman after one of his kids asked him to dress up as Harry Potter. But the difference really is just as drastic as, say, you with cable and you with DirecTV. And Sherman was very committed to the act.

On Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback walked up to his press conference podium, Hogwarts theme music and all, and explained,

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Indeed, "it" did happen. The 28-year-old Stanford grad took questions in full Gryffindor garb, and the reports, to their credit, adjusted accordingly.

Sherman was asked the usual batch of game-related questions, but with an appropriate twist.

When asked whether the Seahawks' taxing (and bizarre) overtime game last Sunday was tougher than a Quidditch match, Sherman answered,

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When asked whether he felt human after that long battle with the Cardinals, he said,

Yeah, I don't know about Sherman being an actual wizard, but it looks like he'll be one again on Monday night when he and his son go out trick-or-treating.

Sherman told reporters,

Now all he needs is the scar.