Rex Ryan Already Changed His NY Jets Tattoo To Buffalo Bills' Colors

Whoever said a tiger can't change his stripes didn't know a good enough tattoo artist.

After Rex Ryan successfully switched allegiances between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, complete with a trashing of old and obsolete apparel, the head coach was still left with one problem: ink.

During his tenure in the Big Apple, Ryan got a tattoo of his wife, Michelle, wearing a green Jets jersey. That obviously needed some type of adjustment and Rex made sure he made it happen.

The Bills' new head man visited a local tattoo parlor while he was in Arizona for Sunday's Super Bowl.

When he reached the parlor in Scottsdale, where he was barely recognized, he had the color of the jersey changed from Jets green to Buffalo blue.

And the best part about it is clear, isn't it? It sets the stage for the next change he'll inevitably have to get once he switches teams again in the future, reminding us all of the danger of making drastic changes for things that are temporary.

Can't wait!

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