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The QB Who Will Replace Tom Brady During His Suspension Is A Huge Bro


Move over, Tom Brady, there's a new kid in town. At least, there will be for four games.

After it was announced yesterday Brady is suspended for the first four regular-season games for his role in Deflategate, the stage has been set for sophomore quarterback and Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo to get his shine.

The 23-year-old was New England's second-round pick last year, a high selection that gave Pats fans hope there would be life after Brady.

But Garoppolo is now due to play important regular season games sooner than most expected, which means he'll soon be known among all NFL-loving households.

But just who is Jimmy Garoppolo? The answer is complicated. Like most of us, a lot can be learned about the man by looking through his ratchet tweets from college.

Let's jump in. He's everything you need to know about Jimmy G, according to his campus tweets.

He played at Eastern Illinois University for four years.

And is from Eastern Illinois, too.

His favorite rapper is good, ol' Fitty.

But he has a diverse taste in music.

He's probably a fan of this meme.

He's a face guy.

We're pretty sure we can guess the name of his crew in college...

With whom he presumably communicates using Jay Z lyrics only.

Either he likes the movie, or loves getting wasted.

Nevermind, we've got our answer.


He hates the kids who longboard around campus, too.

And like everyone else, he celebrates Cinco de Mayo without actually knowing what it is.

He's a big bowling fan.

He knows how to send a "done with exams, what's good ladies?" tweet.

He's never had to work like us commoners.

He's as young as you think.

I mean, really young.

But he's still a fan of the classics.

He is (most likely was) a Miami Heat fan.

And apparently flip flops like one, too.

He thought TMac was gonna get that ring... LOL...

He was not living the lavish life in Eastern Illinois...

Which is probably why he celebrated every time his scholarship came through.

And he wants college athletes to get paid.

Like many of us, he found out Women's Studies actually isn't an easy class.

His professors were ratchet.

He's super Italian.

He's definitely a White Sox fan.

He's obsessed with Kate Upton.

He took final exams while getting prepared for playoff games.

Which explains this:

He's had one of those moments, too.

And one of these, too.

Oh, and this:

Don't know about this, though...

He already has a nickname for you to call him.

He's a Tom Brady fan.

Now, a year after getting drafted, he getting ready to be his replacement.