Planet Fitness Removes Squat Racks For Being Too 'Intimidating' To The New Year's Resolution Crowd

Planet Fitness was founded in 1992 and has since been the fastest growing gym company in the country.

On its way to the top, it has rejected most notions of "working out" by disparaging meathead stereotypes of bodybuilders and supposed superficiality of people who care about the health of their body.

Reddit user Kalerad feels that PF's pandering to wishy-washy workout-ers has gone too far, when he arrived only to see that the squat machines had been removed.

A customer at a gym complained that the squat machine is intimidating. This person presumably comes to the gym maybe twice per month?

Meanwhile someone who actually cares about investing time into their body, and is also a paying customer, has their workout routine ruined by someone who felt shamed by the mere presence of a heavy lifting device.

In fact, Planet Fitness goes so far in the opposite direction that it offers all-you-can-eat meals sometimes, a method of carb-loading its members to guilt them further into staying away from serious temples of the human body.

Just saying, it doesn't take a Planet Fitness membership to go get some cardio done. A jog doesn't need a treadmill. It's a wide world out there (though certainly a cold one).

H/T: Guyism, Photo Credit: Getty Images