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Little Boy Is Left Heartbroken After Hearing About Peyton Manning Retiring

There are many who are a bit devastated in the wake of Peyton Manning's decision to retire from professional football, but you can be certain no one is taking it harder than this little dude.

Four-year-old Cy, a Colorado native, apparently didn't tune in to Peyton Manning's retirement press conference on Monday, which is why he broke down in tears after his mom, Dusty Harrington, informed her son of Peyton's decision.

Hey, I know you haven't been around for most of Peyton's career, young fella, but it's been a long 18 years for number 18. He needs to hang it up. You'll understand one day, even if that day isn't today.

To be fair, the waterworks might be worse for older Broncos fans if the team doesn't find a quarterback soon.

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