This Pepsi Commercial Perfectly Foreshadowed Kevin Love's Partnership With Kyrie Irving

The fact that Kevin Love has a deal in place to join the Cleveland Cavaliers really comes as no surprise.

After all, a number of reporters had been discussing the idea of Love joining LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland as an inescapable conclusion for the past week.

But, if there's anything that truly provoked thoughts of what Kevin Love playing with the Cavs would look like, particularly alongside Irving, it's the famous commercial that Pepsi shot with both stars two years ago.

In chapter two of the Uncle Drew series, which stared Irving as a seemingly way-past-his-prime version of himself, Kevin Love played the role of Wes, a former teammate of Uncle Drew's who was similarly washed-up.

At least, that's the way the streetballers that Uncle Drew and Wes challenged (and trolled) looked at the duo of senior citizens under the watch of candid cameras. But that was only until both stars showed that under their wrinkle-laden disguise was impossible-to-guard talent.

It was a brilliant commercial, unquestionably deserving of the nearly 12 million views it reached on YouTube.

And now, two years later, with Kevin Love set to join Irving on the hardwood court, the scariest thought of all is impossible to escape: What Uncle Drew and Wes did  in that video might not be too far from what Irving and Love are about to do in real life.

Granted, we fans always have a way of overestimating what a collection of All-Stars can do.

Before the Miami Heat fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals, everyone's worst fear was that South Beach's big three would run through the league for years to come. But they lost.

Even that failure, though, still doesn't discourage the mind from envisioning Kyrie getting to the hoop as easily as Uncle Drew does, especially with defenses focused on what LeBron James and Love can do.

And it's definitely hard not to imagine Kevin Love calling his shot while launching wide open threes like Wes, especially considering the way defenses tend to pack it in when LeBron drives to the hoop, nevermind Irving.

Indeed, it is hard not to imagine, especially after Pepsi did it first. Check out the video for a short trip down memory lane, to the time Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving's partnership truly began.