This NHL Star's Adorable Daughter Is The Real MVP Of The Playoffs

Thursday night, the Dallas Stars beat the Blues in St. Louis in overtime to even their second-round, best-of-seven playoff series at two games a piece.

Patrick Sharp, one of Dallas' leading players, tallied a goal and an assist in the 3-2 win, but the biggest contribution of the night came from a different member of the Sharp family.

Patrick's youngest daughter Sadie is freakin' adorable, and Patrick's wife shot a video of her watching her dad's team win in overtime. Sadie was overjoyed with Dallas' victory for one big reason: It means her dad is coming home to Dallas for Game 5 of the series.

As you can hear in the video above, Sadie appears to say,

I love daddy. He's coming home? He is coming home that soon? Daddy's coming.

I mean, come on. We've seen some pretty cute sports babies before, like Riley Curry and Naya Fowler, but Sadie Sharp just put herself firmly on the map.

Yes, Patrick Sharp and the Dallas Stars will have to leave home again when they travel to St. Louis for Game 6, but don't tell Sadie that. Look on the bright side, whether the Stars win or lose Game 6, they'll definitely be coming home afterward.

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