Dexter Fowler's Daughter Is The New Riley Curry

I know, I know, there will never be another athlete's kid as cute as Stephen Curry's daughter, Riley.

But, just hear me out because I promise by the time you're done here, you'll, at least, consider Dexter Fowler's daughter, Naya, worthy of the challenge.

Fowler and the Chicago Cubs opened the 2016 MLB season on the road this week, but thanks to Fowler's wife, Darya, we know little Naya was literally glued to the television watching her dad play out in Los Angeles.

See, she's adorable, and these photos only further prove that assertion.

I'm telling you, the Internet is about to be obsessed with Dexter Fowler's daughter, Naya.

The littlest Fowler hasn't been able to watch her dad play in person yet this season, but she's definitely been watching on TV.

Come on, you're seriously going to tell me Naya isn't coming for Riley Curry's cuteness throne?

Yah, that's what I thought. Y'all starting to come down from that Riley Curry high just a bit.

If I'm Dexter Fowler, I'm having serious separation anxiety at the start of this MLB season.

Who knew they even made Jumpman dresses for little princesses?

And it looks like Naya has that Riley Curry flair, too. "I'll look at the camera when I want to, thanks."

Thank the Lord for the cuteness, am I right?

If this isn't the cutest flower girl you've ever seen, you're lying.

Naya is just out here trying to live her life like the rest of us...

...and for that, we're all thankful.

Naya is far and away one of the cutest kids in all of sports.

And yes, that definitely includes Riley Curry.

Naya is the gift that's going to continue to keep on giving all season long.

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