Odell Beckham's Cousin Is Incredibly Ripped And Trying Out For The NFL

If Odell Beckham Jr was a Pokémon, this would have to be his evolved form.

Meet Terron Beckham, OBJ's cousin and now NFL hopeful who just happens to look like he belongs in a fictional movie.

After all, he trains like he's a superhero. No, really. Check out this video and caption.

Terron will showcase his physical skills at this year's NFL Scouting Combine where he will be able to perform in front of pro scouts.

And despite being out of the game of football for five years (he played in high school), the 23-year-old trainer has the ultimate level of confidence in his ability to perform in the NFL.

He told CBS New York,

They're going to get a workhorse. They're going to get Marshawn Lynch and AP transformed into one person.

If the 5-foot-11-inch, 230-pound prospect is even half as good as he says, we'll have something special to watch next season.

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