The Secret Process To Getting Courtside Tickets To A Knicks Game At MSG Is Revealed


No matter how wealthy you become, you will never be able to buy court side tickets to a New York Knicks game. You have a better chance of finding someone famous who will take you there on a date than you do of having a large enough sum of money to buy a ticket. Because, the only way to get those seats is to be famous enough that the Knicks want you to sit there.

An awesome article in the New York Times yesterday by Sarah Lyall gave an inside peek at the complicated process that a group of MSG staffers uses to figure out who gets the most prominent seats in the Garden.

This creates a strange balancing act for the MSG staff; how to balance the relative importance of celebrities without offending their notoriously fragile egos. Despite some prissy, entitled stereotypes of the rich and famous, those attitudes do not parlay into better viewpoints to watch the game (and be seen by the masses).

There are plenty of seats which the Garden dispenses, with the compliments of the company, to well-known names. This is all mapped out and charted on an Excel spreadsheet titled "VIP Locations" which contains the Holy Grail formula of celebrity rankings used for Knicks games.

The NY Times suggests that MSG often must distribute 20+ celebrities at a single game, in addition to those that pay for their own tickets. There are some guidelines which have been shared with the public, guidelines which ensure an optimization of cultural spotlight and the celebrities experience as a fan.

There is even a complimentary lounge, Suite 200, which MSG maintains for its fans of note. In addition to food and beverages, it is stocked with the full zoo of gadget attachments and charges as well as basic needs like aspirin or Chapstick.

But even though the guests don't pay for Suite 200 (or, often, their seats), the Knicks organization does expect some favors in return for their proactive special treatment.

So keep dreaming about sitting next to Spike Lee. Never going to happen. Though if you are interested in a career of catering or customer service, working in this capacity with the Knicks and MSG sounds pretty fascinating.

Having some degree of power/influence over a collection of the most interesting people in the world, like the social arrangers do, is sure to fuel some incredible little anecdotes and provide some really cool opportunities to get to know some legends.

Via: New York Times, Top Photo Courtesy: Chris Trotman/Getty Images