Sexy Olympic Swimmer Ning Zetao Has The Internet Head Over Heels

Ning Zetao's done nothing but get everyone hot under the collar since he's been in Rio for the Olympics.

And it's no wonder why.

The Chinese stud muffin is just what the doctor ordered His cheekbones. Those abs. He's a sizzling piece of man-perfection for sure.

What? You need proof? You need hot, steamy proof? OK. Here are some pictures.

*Swoons so hard it causes momentary loss of consciousness*

"I'm proud of myself" -Ning Zetao after his semifinal~ he's so cute — RL•Zetao Updates (@jonghie) August 10, 2016

Wait, what was this story about?

Oh, yeah — literally just how hot he is. But I suppose I should throw in some facts about him.

Ning's 23 years old or something. From somewhere in China.

He's competed in four Olympic events at Rio including the men's 4x100m medley relay in which he came fourth.

The swimmer hasn't won a medal at the Games this year. But do you care? Nah. Gold medals come and go. That torso is ingrained in our minds FOR LIFE.