Nike's Badass Commercial Starring India's Female Athletes Will Pump You Up

Nike has always been known as an innovator of modern sports. From flashy, high-tech gear to superstar athlete sponsors, Nike is, for lack of a better phrase, the cat's pajamas.

If I had unlimited funds, I'd deck myself out in Nike from head to toe on the regular.

For the most part, Nike's ads are as dope as the products it's pushing, and one of Nike's latest spots, "Da Da Ding," is no exception. However, there is a unique twist to this three-minute clip: The athletes featured are females in India.

As you might expect, females playing sports and wearing minimal clothing isn't exactly encouraged in India, which is why this badass Nike ad inspires viewers to go against the grain in order to achieve greatness.

India reportedly has 37 Summer Olympics medals as a nation, yet just three of those 37 medals were won by women.

The above ad isn't just flashy and catchy, it showcases Indian female athletes like most of us have never seen them before. I could sit here and wax poetic about how rah-rah this Nike production is for women's rights, but in reality, a three-minute clip will probably do little to change hundreds of years of culture and custom.

However, just because something seems impossible, doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Using sports, Nike just showed us the starting line.

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