Powerful Video Proves Serena Williams Is Not Just A Great 'Female' Athlete


Nike's latest Serena Williams ad makes a clear and unequivocal statement.

She is not in the running to be just the greatest female athlete ever. She very well could be -- and already is for some -- the greatest athlete ever. Period.

The brand revealed its breathtaking ad through social media on Thursday.

From Compton to the world stage. This is the story of the greatest athlete ever. #unlimitedgreatness @serenawilliams — Nike (@Nike) September 1, 2016

The release of Nike's video appears part of a wider campaign that goes out of its ways to denounce the idea the caveat of Williams' gender restricts her from being considered among the best athletes in history.

Consider exhibit B, for example. The Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay tweeted this picture of a billboard in Brooklyn that sent the same message.

Simply put, she could be better than every single one of them, male and female, by the time her career is over. Never mind the fact some may consider her to be up there as things stand now.

And with her competing at the US Open in Queens, her resume might just get even better if she takes the trophy in 10 days time. Just don't call her the greatest female anything, if and when she does win.