NHL Eats? These Players Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Desserts (Photos)

What if I told you there was a way to see images of your favorite sports stars combined with pictures of your favorite sweets?

Recently, we told you about an Instagram account that showcases good-looking dudes with awesome foods.

Well, now we want to show you a similar account that pairs NHL superstars with delicious desserts.

We're talking about Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, TJ Oshie and a slew of other ice gods, featured side-by-side with red velvet cake, chocolate macaroons and blueberry pie.

Whether you're just plain hungry or, uh, just plain hungry, check out these photos of NHL dudes and decadent dessert items.

NHL Food isn't your average "stadium eats" account.

In fact, it doesn't showcase a single item sold at any NHL arena.

Instead, this account shows you your favorite NHL stars paired with your favorite dessert treats.

Like, the Dallas Starts' Valeri Nichushkin and a blueberry pie.

And the Colorado Avs' Semyon Varlamov with decadent chocolate goodies.

Maybe you like something a little more tart, like Matt Duchene and a cherry treat.

Or, maybe you're an Erik-Gudbranson-and-rice-pudding type of person.

Either way, though, NHL Foods is definitely offering a unique pairing of sports and confections.

Who could resist watching hockey with a side of ice cream and cookie crumble?

Or paying tribute to America through Old Glory-inspired cookies?

Not a Pens fan? Sidney Crosby will make you question your allegiance with waffle cookies.

Dustin Brown is out here picking up his teammates and fighting that 2:30 pm urge for a nap.

Seriously, can anyone turn down red velvet pancakes? Anyone?

Who says fashion is only reserved for the clothing industry?

This is exactly the same face we'd have if someone put french toast with bananas in front of us.

The resemblance here is almost too striking.

The New York Rangers should definitely give out these strawberries after every home win.

Sometimes, it's just a plain, fresh blueberries kind of day, right?

Other days, you need to treat yo self to all the macaroons you can get your hands on.

Ryan Getzlaf and a strawberry shake make for some unbelievable still life.

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