This Stunning NHL Ice Girl Knows More About Hockey Than You Do (Photos)

On the surface, Meghan Presson appears to be just another National Hockey League ice girl. But in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Presson is indeed making her debut this season working with the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, but a little digging reveals a woman who was destined to be on the ice well before she auditioned for her current role.

Meghan Presson graduated from Marymount California University in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Arts in Media Studies, but she earned her stripes as a true hockey fan long before.

As a West Coast native, she's been a Kings fan since the age of five. In addition to cheering on Los Angeles, Presson played hockey for over a decade.

This amazing young woman really is living her dream, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any hockey aficionado more deserving.

Meghan Presson recently made her debut as an ice girl with the NHL's Los Angeles Kings.

Which means she's going to be living her dream on a daily basis.

See, Presson has been a Kings fan her entire life...

...and we're not talking about some bandwagon-type supporter who only started representing the Kings after they won it all in 2012.

No, Meghan has been down for the cause since day one.

Which is why she deserved to revel in the Kings' recent Stanley Cup victory.

Make that victories*.

But what makes her a real fan and student of the game is the fact she played hockey for more than a decade.

So Presson can certainly hold her own on the ice in front of 18,118 screaming fans.

Meghan Presson graduated from Marymount California University in 2014 with her BA in Media Studies...

...setting her up for a career with the Los Angeles Kings.

Because as part of her role as ice girl, Presson works as a brand ambassador at Kings events in the community.

Seriously, is there a more qualified person to be in charge of fan experience?

Presson's pops, who appears to be an avid Kings fan as well, couldn't be prouder of his daughter.

And the rest of the Presson clan clearly feels the same way.

So if you make it out to LA this season or you're just watching at home and see this girl on the ice...

...remember she's not just another pretty face.

Meghan Presson knows more about hockey than you ever will, and she's finally making her dreams come true.

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