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NFL Player's Wife Blasts Pregnant Mistress On Instagram: 'The Wife Always Wins'


Dominique Penn isn't playing games.

The wife of Oakland Raiders lineman Donald Penn took to Instagram to blast an alleged mistress: reality star Camille Poindexter.

Dominique accused Poindexter (pictured in the Instagram photo above) of knowingly having a relationship and child with a married man. In a loaded Instagram post, Mrs. Penn wrote,

Dominique went on to imply that Poindexter was getting paid by Donald to keep the extramarital affair a secret.


However, despite accusing her husband of cheating, Dominique did say that she would stick with the marriage for the sake of her kids.

The wife said,

Interestingly, Dominique didn't have any harsh words for her husband. In fact, she only had words of support. She reserved her harshest comments for "all you hoes out there."

She also hinted that a paternity test for a child (presumably had between Donald Penn and Poindexter) is pending. Dominique wrote,

Celebrity gossip site Fameolous posted the full transcript of Dominique Penn's rant.

Donald Penn is an NFL veteran of over a decade, while Poindexter has appeared in numerous reality shows, including "Bad Girls Club" and "America's Next Top Model."

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