15 Furry Fans Who Are More Pumped For The NFL Playoffs Than You


From "Air Bud" to "Underdog," our favorite canines, fictitious or otherwise, always look awesome in uniform.

There's just something about seeing a dog in a jersey or cape that gives man's best friend a personality, a voice and an identity. And let's be honest, it's freaking adorable.

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is one of the greatest sports weekends of the year, hands down.

Sure, Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much an American national holiday at this point, but by virtue of the sheer amount of quality on display, plus the fact a lot of folks are off from work on Monday, the second round of the NFL postseason is definitely where it's at.

NFL fans know this, which is why in preparation for this weekend's games, fans of the eight remaining playoff teams are not only decking themselves out in team gear, but they're making sure their dogs are dressed for battle, too.

Check out a few furry fans who are way more pumped for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs than you.

1. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots Saturday, and this furry friend isn't fazed by being an underdog.

2. This is that look you give when everyone wants your team to lose, but you know you got a four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback at the helm.

3. If Tom Brady and the Patriots jump out to an early lead, this fan is going to need more than a few brews.

4. Hey! Why hasn't Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown yet?

5. This doggie knew all along Aaron Rodgers and the Packers would come out of DC with a win.

6. See, it's hot in Arizona, so this four-legged fan knows how to cheer on the Cardinals and stay comfortable.

7. Considering how many injuries the Packers have at receiver, I'd say this cheesehead is ready to pull an Air Bud on Saturday.

8. If Marshawn Lynch overcomes injury to play on Sunday, remember this fan never gave up hope.

9. You just know this Cam Newton fan will dab on 'em with the rest of Panthers nation on Sunday.

10. Well, we just might have the cutest 12th fan in all of Seattle right here.

11. Cheer up, pal, the Carolina Panthers are the No. 1 seed in the NFC this postseason.

12. This is definitely one of the tiniest, and most adorable, members of Pittsburgh Steelers nation.

13. Go to any sports bar you want, but this Denver Broncos fan knows where the best seat in the house is.

14. This group of fans shares a striking resemblance to the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line.

15. Goldendoodles of the Greater Denver Area, this is the look y'all should be striving for.