The 2016 NFL 'Bad Lip Reading' Video Is Here, And It's Hysterical

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

With all the fame and fortune on the line at Super Bowl 50, it's important to take a moment this week to step back and just have a laugh.

I can't see a better way of doing that, while still watching football, than by checking out this parody video of hilarious lip reading from all the action of the 2016 NFL season.

It's funny to make up hilarious sh*t Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones would probably never say, but it's pure genius the way the phrases and sentences actually fit the movements of the mouths of the players, coaches, referees and others.

And who knows, maybe Cam Newton really did say,

What happened in France was he said he was sleepy, and I met a funny bird right in my hotel!

Oh word, fam?!

Check out the full video by Bad Lip Reading for more of the above shenanigans.