These Are The Cutest Fans Of The 2015-16 NFL Playoffs (Photos)

by Adam Silvers

On Saturday, January 9, Wild Card weekend will commence, kicking off what's sure to be a frenzied four weeks of NFL playoff action.

The opening round matchups are set, the players are ready and I'm absolutely tingling in anticipation of the first game.

Part of what makes the NFL playoffs so great is how fans kick their enthusiasm and excitement into another gear for the postseason.

A single play could be the difference between going on a Super Bowl run and getting eliminated far earlier than you anticipated; and everybody knows it.

Forty-something-year-old dudes may get more pumped for the playoffs than for their kids' college graduations, but they're not the only ones who are about to catch football fever.

The next generation of NFL fans are ready to show their support too, which is why even the biggest football folks should take a break from the Xs and Os and check out this collection of the most adorable fans of the 2015-16 NFL playoffs.

What are the odds this Chiefs fan makes it to the fourth quarter of Saturday's game?

This little lady is going to be screaming like JJ Watt come this weekend.

Don't sleep on the Chiefs, they haven't lost a game since mid-October.

This little dude loves the Texans, but he probably prefers to watch the game on mute.

What do you mean Antonio Brown isn't on the same page with Big Ben?

Bengals fans are really hoping backup quarterback AJ McCarron doesn't turn Saturday's game into a snooze fest.

Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is. Everything I do, I do it big.

This young lady is more than ready for her Bengals to take on the Steelers this weekend.

This young buck looks like he's ready to join Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom.

This is the face you make when your team is trying to win their first playoff game since 2009.

Hopefully she'll still be smiling when the clock strikes zero on the Seahawks-Vikings game.

This is how every Vikings fan feels when Teddy Bridgewater throws a touchdown.

When you're watching Aaron Rodgers scramble and can't bother to look at the camera.

Honestly, this looks like the most comfortable way to watch the playoffs this winter.

What do you mean we lost two straight games heading into the postseason?

Everyone made this face when Kirk Cousins blessed us with the phrase, "you like that?!"

When your team has a first-round bye and you patiently waiting to learn who your opponent is.

This little dude probably makes this face every time Gronk spikes a ball into the center of the universe.

When you knew all along Peyton Manning would be back for the playoffs.

This cutie is already getting pumped for the divisional playoff round.

This kid knows Carson Palmer's 35 regular season touchdowns were no fluke.

Think they make that Panthers onesie in adult sizes? Asking for a friend.

Don't worry, sweetheart, David Johnson is not about to slow down in the playoffs.

This little lady is heading to Bank of America Stadium two weeks early to start tailgating.