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NBA Free Agent Nate Robinson Wants To Cross Over To The NFL

Nate Robinson is done with basketball -- for now. The 11-year NBA veteran is focusing on a new objective these days: playing in the NFL.

In a video for TheLeadSports, Robinson announced his clear intention to try his hand at professional football. And despite the fact he hasn't played the sport in over a decade, he said he still knows all the techniques necessary to compete at a high level.

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Robinson said,

I know it all. If somebody gave me a real opportunity, I know I could play.

This much can be said: Robinson does, indeed, have credible accolades to his name. The three-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion was also a State Player of the Year for football back in his days as a high school player in Seattle.

Robinson was also a football player for the University of Washington, where he played football as a cornerback and basketball, before eventually deciding to concentrate on just basketball.

The question to ask now is obvious. What type of player was Nate back in the day? This highlight tape from his high school days should give some indication.

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