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Monmouth Basketball Team's Bench Celebrations Are Actually The Best Ever (Video)

Who cares what the Monmouth University Hawks' record is? The team is winning men's college basketball.

The small New Jersey-based college made a big name for itself over the Thanksgiving break -- not only by upsetting number 17-ranked Notre Dame on the court but for killing the game on the bench, too.

Monmouth bench celebrations are the best. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 29, 2015

There are no two ways about it. Monmouth has the best arsenal of celebrations in sports right now. It's not even close.

The players do everything!

They shoot arrows.

Monmouth has a high major bench mob — Rob Dauster (@RobDauster) November 27, 2015

They mean mug.

Bruh on Monmouth is hilarious — warriorsworld (@warriorsworld) November 27, 2015

They play football.

Not just basketball... @MonmouthBench — Mike Zimmermann (@MCZimmermann) November 28, 2015

They do CPR.

They slam dunk.

They go fishing.

We cookin' fish tonight! @MonmouthBench — Mike Zimmermann (@MCZimmermann) November 28, 2015

They do whatever this is.

These dudes are legends #monmouthbench — White Bball Pains (@WhiteBballPains) November 28, 2015

The bench is the real show, basically. Monmouth basketball is officially must-see TV.

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