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Mom Writes Absurd Letter To Cam Newton Criticizing His Game 'Behavior'


This is America. Everyone should have the right to express his or her view in a peaceful manner.

That being said, I'm not sure why a mom from Tennessee thinks she has the authority to lecture Cam Newton about being a role model.

Rosemary Plorin, a Tennessee Titans fan from Nashville, attended this past Sunday's game between the Titans and Panthers with her 9-year-old daughter.

Rosemary apparently didn't enjoy the Panther quarterback's touchdown dance in the fourth quarter of his team's victory, so she wrote an open letter to Mr. Newton telling him why.

Rosemary wrote,

Yah, the Titans are 2-7 and lost the game 27-10, so I'm not sure what game Rosemary was watching.

She continued,

The shock! The horror! Conduct in the fourth quarter? You mean one of the best players in the league performing in the clutch to keep his team undefeated?

Rosemary went on, writing,

Now, Rosemary is going to tell Cam why he is paid what he is, as well as what type of role model she'd like him to be for her 9-year-old daughter and others.

Let me tell you something, Rosemary. Cam Newton doesn't owe you anything.

His job is to prepare during the week and go out on Sunday -- or Monday or Thursday -- and give everything he's got on the football field, which, considering the Panthers are 9-0 this season, he's done impeccably.

To blame the actions of a few NFL fans on Cam Newton is preposterous. And it's just not fair.

Cam Newton is a 26-year-old, who, unlike several other NFL players, has never been accused of hitting a woman, driving drunk or getting into a physical altercation with teammates.

Cam Newton scores touchdowns and celebrates. You don't like that? Tough sh*t.

How many NFL games have you played in, Rosemary? Have you gone out there with injuries and ailments knowing full well the bodily harm you're causing yourself?

You don't get to judge or reprimand Cam Newton for doing what he's supposed to do.

You can check out the rest of Rosemary's letter because I don't care to give her any more free advertising, and you can check out the Cam Newton Foundation so you can see what a role model looks like.

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