MMA Fighter Attacks Referee After Illegal Kick


This is the definition of blind rage.

Blind, because when this fighter recovers from an illegal kick to the head, he goes to town on the referee instead of his opponent.

The brutal scene took place at a Trench Warz 20 fight in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, over the weekend.

A referee known as "Frank the Crank" was the fighter's target. He posted an Instagram video of the moment he was attacked.


It shows one fighter getting pummeled and falling to the ground. After that, his opponent makes an illegal kick to the side of his head.


Frank momentarily stops the fight, acknowledging the foul play.

But the disoriented fighter gets back up and begins throwing fists at the ref. He takes a couple of blows, but the majority miss him completely.


Frank grabs the fighter and gives him a talking to.


He seemed to enjoy it, however. Frank wrote a caption alongside the video praising the fighter's warrior spirit.

Frank said,

I had the honor of being one of the refs for Trench Warz 20 this past weekend. I had one of the best experiences as a ref and martial arts competitor with this fight in particular. These guys were getting after each other right off the bat. With all the adrenaline running an illegal kick was thrown to the down opponent as you see in the footage. Usually fighters cover their heads and pretend to be in antagonizing pain to sway a disqualification win. This fighter was totally opposite of that. He was GAME! He had the Chamorro Islander fighting spirit and had no giving up in him even after getting dazed. I just happened to be in front of him as he got back up! LOL. It was an amazing night of fights! Si Yu'us Maase @ifamiliaku_mass and the fighters for putting on an amazing show! Yamato Damashii in full effect! LONG LIVE THE ISLAND WARRIORS!

Here's the whole thing: