Michael Phelps' Fiancée Reveals How They Dealt With Their Dramatic Breakup


It can't be easy being engaged to the most decorated Olympic athlete in history.

And yet, the stories of the spouses of the male and female athletes we praise like demigods year after year are rarely told and/or listened to.

Nicole Johnson, fiancée of Michael Phelps, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the experience of being engaged to him, and what it's like to bring a 3-month-old baby (named Boomer) to an event as hectic as the Olympics.

Boomer has his own Instagram account, which has now exploded, bringing in over 650k followers (Johnson's own Instagram is not too shabby either, at 410k followers).

Johnson says she was surprised everyone was so into it, but the family is taking it all in stride.

It turns out, Michael runs the Instagram.

Of course, in the interview with Cosmopolitan, the reporter asked about whether or not Phelps was actually retiring. Johnson has likely gotten this question again and again and is probably sick of it.

But then she gave this insight on the matter:

The interviewer then went on to ask how Johnson imagines her life will change after Phelps retires.

She goes on to admit it was both good and bad that “Michael had to put swimming before us in a lot of instances,” but now, she says, they "get to have fun.”

Johnson then spoke about the time when the couple briefly split up before getting back together. It must be difficult for the public to know about the ups and downs of your relationship, but she explains that in her mind it was for the best.

As she puts it:

Still, she doesn't stray from the fact that it was immensely painful at times.

It's so rare that we get to hear from those in the stands as we all watch the men and women defy human biology on our televisions.

We see these athletes emerge, fully formed and ready to compete, but we don't have access to the process that gets them there, nor the loved ones who are affected by the wake they leave streaming behind them as they pursue their lofty goals.