Guy Assaults His Roommate For Claiming LeBron Is Better Than Jordan

Ever since LeBron James emerged as possibly the most gifted athlete to ever play in the NBA, the comparisons to Michael Jordan have been endless.

LeBron finally has a few rings to back up his game, but will he ever come close to touching Jordan's six?

The King vs. the GOAT... It's a neverending argument with no immediate conclusion in sight.

But early this past Saturday morning -- we're talking nearly 4 in the morning when all the bars are closed from Friday night's shenanigans -- two roommates in State College, Pennsylvania attempted to finish off the conversation once and for all.

The only problem was Daniel Mondelice, who is firmly in MJ's corner, decided the best way to prove his case for Jordan's supremacy was by attacking his roommate.

According to reports, 22-year-old Mondelice was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and simple assault following the physical assault.

Mondelice was only allowed to return to the apartment to quickly grab his belongings, all while being accompanied by a police escort.

Here's to spirited sports debates in the interest of, uh, sh*t we can laugh at on Monday morning?

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