Starting University Of Miami QB Is Actually The Son Of 'Bye Felicia' Girl From 'Friday'

The University of Miami will be fielding a true freshman quarterback for their season opener against Louisville next Monday, and make no mistake about it, he ain't no geek of the street.

Brad Kaaya may be a name you want to get familiar with.

Not only is he a 6'4" dual threat in the pocket for the Hurricanes, but he also happens to be the son of a character in one of the most influential films of our generation.

If Angela Means-Kaaya doesn't ring a bell, it probably shouldn't.

However, if you've seen the stoner classic "Friday" featuring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, then you know her as Felicia. As in, "bye Felicia!"

Angela also appeared in "House Party 3" with Kid and Play, and was featured on the hit show "In Living Color" with the Wayans brothers.

She's a 90s icon and the fact that she has a son who's about to kill it in college football is awesome. We always wonder what happens to these small-role characters, and now you know!

There will be a lot of pressure on Brad to perform at a high level for one of the most prestigious football programs in the nation this season. Not because of his mother, but because he's the starting quarterback for The U!

He's one of many college football stars who is the offspring of celebrity parents this season and it's good to see the children of famous actors, athletes and celebrities making names for themselves.

Anyway, bye Felicia!

H/T: The Cardinal Connect