This 6-Year-Old Girl Is Making Waves As A Surfing Child Prodigy (Video)

Quincy Symonds is what most would call a child prodigy.

There's little doubt that she's the best 6-year-old skater and surfer in the world right now, and this mini-doc above proves it.

She's nicknamed "The Flying Squirrel" and after watching her go after it for just a couple of seconds, you'll see why she's getting all the attention.

Young Quincy isn't just going after some light swells, either. Her favorite spot to surf is the Snapper Rocks surf break on the Gold Coast of Australia, which is known as one of the most difficult breaks in the world.

Aside from that, she's a fighter.

Despite suffering from an adrenaline deficiency and now being dependent on steroids (she needs to take medication three times a day), she finds stability by getting in the ocean.

Sky's the limit for The Squirrel, and with a couple of passionate parents who push her to follow her dreams, she can take it to the top of action sports.

Next stop: X Games.