This NBA Mascot Stripping To 'Pony' Is A Furry's Wet Dream


If you're thirsty AF when it comes to furry mascots, then grab that nice $153 bottle of wine you've been saving, light a few Yankee candles and watch this video below.

Oh, I'm sorry, does your mouth hurt, you know, from all that lip-biting you just did?!

No, you're steamed up glasses haven't failed you. You saw this correctly.

The hirsute team mascot for the Memphis Grizzlies performed an epic strip show set to the tune of Ginuwine's "Pony" AKA the most seductive stripper song of all time.

On behalf of everyone who has engaged in some sexy time, I'd like to say thank you, Ginuwine.

"Grizz" did not waste anytime ripping off his clothing in this striptease. Seriously, someone call up Channing Tatum. I have a new addition for "Magic Mike 3."


The audience may be seated behind him, but they're giving Grizz a standing ovation, if you know what I mean...

And just like that, Grizz is completely nude.


It looks like having a courtside seat has some other benefits. I just hope this crowd made it rain for Grizz.

Grizz made it work, work, work, work, work.


If you're a furry out there reading this, you're welcome. I can imagine you are having a field day with this article right about now.

Oh, snap! Just look at Grizz catching you staring at his booty. You probably feel guilty (for all the right reasons).


Of course, Grizz ended the whole dance by twerking up a storm.

Honestly, Grizz is all of us hitting up the dance club with our crush. He should open the mascot version of Juilliard and teach his dance skills like the costumed Martha Graham that he is.

Until then, we'll just have to watch and re-watch the video above to learn some of his epic dance moves.

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