Magic Johnson's Completely Obvious Tweets Are A Total Mindf*ck


If this year's NBA playoffs could best be described as predictable, it's only right that another fixture of the postseason follow suit.

That fixture is Earvin "Magic" Johnson's series of basketball tweets, which has become a true social media gem over the past month.

Throughout the course of the playoffs, and 'til the end of the NBA Finals, you could count on the Lakers legend to send out the most interesting pieces of insight. And by insight, we actually mean out-sight, as in, information that is readily out there for everyone to see.

Let's take this post about the Eastern Conference Finals series between the Cavaliers and the Raptors, for instance:

To be clear, Magic's tweets have never been groundbreaking stuff but, for whatever reason, they seem to have made a leap into a whole other stratosphere of obviousness.

With tweets like this, Magic has created a call-and-response effect, which prompts followers to tweet something that's either just as obvious or point out how obvious the original tweet was.

It's really hard to tell whether Magic is tweeting seriously or if he's just parodying himself at this point. Whatever it is, the tweets and the responses are hilarious.

Here, we catalogue the funniest of them all, like:

That time he talked about that coach out-coaching the other coach...

Or that time he talked about the one star who outplayed the other star...

Or that time he talked about that one duo out-playing the other duo...

...actually, every time has been one of those times.

There's a slight chance his tweets could be generated via an algorithm.

His mentions have practically turned into a race for who can call him Captain Obvious first.

Even the French are done with his analyses.

And when you have tweets like that, it's only a matter of time before the imitators pop up.

But don't worry, Magic has a solution for that, too!

These tweets are fantastic!